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<transcy>Who we are</transcy>

Slow Sardinia: a “sensorial” laboratory for the production, processing and marketing of citrus, agricultural and seasonal derivatives.

Our products, with the "Cuore d'Arancia" brand, come from a careful selection of the best oranges and mandarins, lemons from Muravera, in the south east of Sardinia, coming from local crops (km zero) with certification of origin and without of chemical treatments.

Our brand guarantees quality for the consumption of healthy foods for a correct lifestyle, we produce without the use of dyes and additives, using local and seasonal products, such as citrus fruits, myrtle, quinces and raspberries.

Our productions have a low environmental impact thanks to the absence of processing waste; the quality of the products is highly controlled at all stages of processing and production.

“... You know the land of lemons in bloom, where golden oranges shine among the dark leaves, a gentle wind blows from the blue sky, the myrtle is quiet and the laurel is sublime ... do you know it? Over there, I would like to go with you, my beloved! ... "

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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