<transcy>Sardinian mandarin liqueur &quot;Heart of Mandarinu&quot; - 70 cl.</transcy>
<transcy>Sardinian mandarin liqueur &quot;Heart of Mandarinu&quot; - 70 cl.</transcy>

Sardinian mandarin liqueur "Heart of Mandarinu" - 70 cl.

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100% natural only from fresh fruit. Typical product

Unique taste and extraordinary scent ...

Handcrafted with seasonal mandarins, selected and peeled by hand, and after a slow infusion in alcohol according to the ancient traditional recipe.

Ingredients: Sardinian mandarin peel from Muravera (8%), alcohol, water, sugar. Without dyes, without additives, without artificial flavors.

Any residues in suspension are due to the natural manufacturing process;

Tasting tips

Fresh consumption is recommended. Excellent as a digestive after a meal and creative in combinations with desserts. Also to be enjoyed in the different cocktail recipes we recommend